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Development and phasing

  1. What is the vision for Bolsa Pacific? Our vision is to transform the current Westminster Mall property into a vibrant coastal “downtown” area for the City of Westminster. Here, families and professionals will have access to upscale for-rent and for-sale housing at a variety of affordability levels, a 2.5-acre park, convenient shopping, casual dining and community spaces for gathering and entertainment. Close proximity to both Los Angeles and Orange County destinations also makes it a great place for visitors, so we are proposing a 175-room hotel to add to the property mix.
  2. Who is Shopoff Realty Investments? We are a local real estate investment firm headquartered in Irvine, California with more than 30 years of experience transforming underutilized real estate into more attractive and valuable spaces. We pursue the highest and best use for all of our properties, focusing on enhancing communities and fostering long-term partnerships. We have established a reputation based on integrity, determination and vision.
  3. What sections of the Westminster Mall does Shopoff own? Shopoff Realty Investments owns a total of 26 acres with two parcels that bookend the current Westminster Mall. These parcels contain the current Macy’s and former Sears buildings, and surrounding parking lots.
  4. What will happen to the former Sears and current Macy’s buildings? The buildings will both be torn down as part of the redevelopment.
  5. When is Macy’s going to close? Macy’s will remain open for now with the anticipation of their store closing when the development moves forward, which is currently estimated for 2025.
  6. What’s happening to the rest of the mall property? The additional parcels of the mall property are owned by separate parties who are working in collaboration with Shopoff and the City of Westminster to coordinate and build upon a shared vision for the space.
  7. Will the Target still be there? The existing Target store should remain as an anchor tenant once the project is complete. Target plans to remain open for business for the foreseeable future.
  8. What is the timeline and planning process? Shopoff submitted its pre-application to the City of Westminster in April 2023. The proposal closely follows the Westminster Mall Specific Plan (WMSP) created by the City, which was a guide for the coordinated redevelopment of the mall. The specific plan takes into consideration the needs and opinions of the community that were gathered by a series of community surveys and conversations. From Spring 2023 – Fall 2024, we will gather community feedback, further develop the plans, and seek approval on the required agreements and conditions of approval required for the proposed redevelopment of the site. We anticipate receiving project approval by the end of 2024 and being able to break ground in 2025. The development is expected to be completed in phases over the coming years.

Housing and rentals

  1. What will the residential offerings be? Bolsa Pacific will create approximately 1,065 rental units across three five-story multifamily buildings, in addition to approximately 100 three-story townhomes for ownership. The apartments will include a mix of studios (13%), 1-bedroom (49%) and 2-bedroom units (38%) ranging from 600 – 1,100 square feet. The townhomes will feature two and three bedrooms with an average unit size of 1,376 square feet.
  2. What will the amenities be? Each of the three multifamily buildings will include their own complementary mix of amenities for residents. Each multi-family building will have its own resort pool area with a spa, cabanas, chaise lounges, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and game lawns. In addition, each building will have several courtyard areas with fireplaces, fitness centers, amenity and co-working spaces, outdoor kitchens, bbq grilling stations and communal dining spaces. The townhomes have a recreational area with a pool, spa and lounge seating, and they are adjacent to the park, which offers many additional amenities.
  3. What will the monthly apartment rents be and what will the townhomes sales prices be? The rates for the units will depend on market conditions at the time these units are completed and have not been determined yet.
  4. Will there be affordable housing? This project will have an affordable housing component, but the number of units and level of affordability are still being determined.

Park, hotel, retail and dining

  1. What is the vision for the park? The park will have 2.5 acres of greenery, designed as a place for people to come relax, play, and enjoy their natural surroundings. Walking paseos will guide pedestrians through a mix of shade trees, a water feature, a fitness loop, pickle-ball courts and a bocce court. A 14,000 square-foot lawn will include an iconic amphitheater and flexible event spaces that can be used by residents and community members. A designated place for dogs to socialize will include a fenced-in turf area and picnic tables next to a food-and-beverage kiosk.
  2. Can you say more about the hotel? The hotel will be built off of Bolsa Ave. with 175 rooms. Guests will be able to easily walk to the nearby restaurants and stores, as well as the park. The brand of hotel is still being determined.
  3. What stores and restaurants will there be? We are building a food hall, which will have a mix of trendy dining options. Kiosks with food, beverage and shopping will pepper the walkways and quick-service retail will align the ground-levels of the multifamily buildings. Exact stores and tenants will be determined at a later date.

Addressing your concerns

  1. Will this development cause additional traffic?

    The City of Westminster listened to the community’s concerns about traffic and addressed these concerns in the WMSP, which Shopoff and the other developers are following closely. The current infrastructure of the location, including having its own off-ramp off the 405 freeway, should make it so that little to no additional traffic is created by the development. Convenient car, bike and pedestrian access from the surrounding neighborhoods is also being created, so that Westminster neighbors have access to this new center.

  2. Will enough resident and guest parking be provided?

    Sufficient parking will be provided for residents, guests and shoppers throughout the property to limit overflow parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. The project as proposed meets the parking standards of the WMSP and Chapter 17.320 of the Westminster Municipal Code.

  3. How can the public stay informed about the project?

    Sign up for news and announcements by completing the field at the bottom of this page.

  4. How can I contact Shopoff about the development?

    If you have any questions regarding the development, you can contact us directly by email at info@bolsapacific.com. We welcome feedback and questions from the community and will do our best to address your concerns.

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